Why Choose Granite for Your Countertops

Written by Rogan Granitindustrie, Inc. on . Posted in Countertops

If you are in the process of a kitchen remodel than one of the decisions you are likely considering granite countertops. Countertops play a pivotal role in kitchen design in terms of color, light, and reflecting the homeowner’s personality. With all of this in mind, listed below are all the reasons you should choose granite countertops on your remodel.

Stain resistant

Granite is one of the least absorbent countertop options. For the most part any liquids that are spilled on granite can be wiped away in minutes without leaving a stain. The only exception are liquids that do not evaporate like oils. However even oil stains can be easily removed with the proper poultice or paste.

Adds value to a kitchen

Granite countertops add style to a kitchen and they are often high on a potential buyer’s priority list. Granite gives your kitchen a more modern and clean look, which is highly appealing to buyers. When it comes to kitchen upgrades countertops are often one of the large topics of discussion. Granite will not only enhance your living conditions, but also your future ventures.


Granite counter tops are literally rock solid, which means you are free to cook and entertain with virtually no risk for scratches, and chipping. Other countertops such as soapstone and eco tops are made with softer materials and are much more vulnerable than granite countertops. Granite is also heat resistant so you will not have to worry about unwanted burn marks.

Additionally Granite provides style and a natural look to kitchen countertops. The long term benefits make it more than worth the initial buying price. The experts at Rogan Granite can ensure quality treatment and attentiveness to all questions and kitchen needs.  Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your living experience and the value of your home. Call today: 708-758-0050.