What to Consider When Buying Countertops

Written by Rogan Granitindustrie, Inc. on . Posted in Countertops

At Rogan Granite, we understand that when you decide to remodel your kitchen, you do so with a considerable amount of thought behind each decision. Not only do we put the same amount of attentiveness to our work, but we also make it a priority to assist you in the decision making process.When you are thinking about installing new countertops below are a list of things to consider.

The size of the sample

Small samples make it difficult to accurately visualize what the material will look like in your home. Before purchasing material do extensive in person research on the product and also take home large sample. Even if you have to pay for the sample it will be worth it to avoid overpaying for an undesired product.

Consider mixing materials

Mixing materials can be a potential money saving opportunity. You can use more expensive materials such as marble or granite on more noticeable areas such as the island and bathroom counter and use remnants for the bigger areas.


Marble is elegant and granite is durable which is why granite is often found in kitchens and marble in bathrooms.