Common Questions

Rogan Granite
I’d love to have Natural Stone in my home, where do I start?

The best place to start is on paper! We love to start projects with an idea of what your project looks like. We use floorplans, photographs, & dimensioned sketches to start estimating the scope of your project. You can use our website to see some stones we have available.

What is the next step after you provide me an estimate?

The next step would be to come in and place your order with your down payment. Once this is completed, we will set up the on-site measure/template appointment. Cabinets must be installed and secured prior to the measure appointment.

When do I need to schedule a measure appointment if I’m getting new cabinets?

You should schedule your measure appointment as soon as you know your new cabinets will be installed.

Will you remove my old countertops?

We can provide a quote to remove your existing laminate countertops. Existing countertops need to be removed completely before we install your new countertops.

What types of sinks do you provide?

We carry high quality 16 gauge stainless steel under mount kitchen and bar sinks in a variety of shapes and sizes. For vanities, we carry oval or rectangle porcelain under mount sinks. Granite composite sinks, vessel sinks, apron front sinks and other options are available to order.

Can I purchase my own sink?
Yes! We do recommend an undermount style sink –or- farm style apron sink. Apron sinks need to be installed prior to measure. For bathroom vanities most sink types will work well as long as it will fit in your sink cabinet; if you’ve purchased a vessel sink, you’ll need to bring it into our shop prior to fabrication.
Will you install my sink?
Yes! We will install your undermount sink. Top mount sinks will be checked for fit but not installed. Farm style sinks need to be in place prior to the measure appointment. Rogan Granite does not provide any plumbing disconnect or hook-up.
Does my granite need to be sealed?

Yes! We will seal your stone in your home when your countertops are installed. Stone sealers have been greatly improved and last much longer than in the past. We do not guarantee or sell you additional warranties for a specific time period on the sealer. Different stones hold the sealer longer than others; we recommended to trust the stone – when moisture is being absorbed into the stone should be resealed.

How do I clean my granite countertops?
Clean granite surfaces with mild soap and water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Always blot up spills immediately.
Will my countertops have a seam?

The size of your countertops, accessibility to the area, slab length and other factors all contribute to this decision and will be determined after the on-site measure is completed.

How thick is the granite?
Granite is 3cm (1-1/4”) thick. Thinner stone, 2cm (3/4”), is generally used in commercial settings.
Do I need a backsplash?
Backsplash helps protect your walls and cabinets from water and spills. We can fabricate backsplash (typically 4” high) for your kitchen or bathroom out of the same material as your countertop –or- you can choose to apply your own tile or unique backsplash.
Will my granite look just like the photos I saw online?
Granite is a natural product and it will have naturally occurring variations when it comes to granularity, tone, color, pattern, etc. Photos of granite found online have been photographed and saved as digital image files. It’s possible the color may not display true to life due to being viewed on a screen. It is always best to view your stone in person
What other materials do you have?
In addition to granite, we offer marble, quartzite, & soapstone. We also offer all major brands of Quartz countertops. (see our materials tab (link to materials tab)
What is the difference between granite and quartz?
Granite is quarried from the earth and machined down from block into the polished slabs you see in our yard. Since granite is a natural material the color and pattern can vary in each lot. Quartz countertops are manufactured with crushed natural quartz mixed with resin in a ratio of approximately 93% quartz to 7%. Since quartz is manmade the color and patterning has little variation from the sample you see
I have not found my perfect stone yet, what are my options?
We work with several slab warehouses in the Chicago area, we can reach out to the suppliers for photographs of their current inventory – or – if you’d like to see the slabs in person we can provide you with their locations. We work directly with the suppliers on pricing and logistics. The slabs you choose will be sent to us for fabrication.
Can I use my granite as a cutting board?
We always recommend using a cutting board since the granite will dull your knives.
Can I place hot pots or pans on my natural stone countertop?
While natural stone can resist tremendous heat, we always recommend using trivets or potholders to keep the heat off your surface.

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